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Michael Coteau, Politician, Member of Provincial Parliament. Born: Huddersfield, Yorkshire England

When he moved to Canada with his family at the age of 4, Michael grew up with humble means in Flemingdon Park; his mother cleaned buildings and his father was a maintenance worker. With every step he has taken in his professional life, his decision to go into politics was an easy one as his passion had always lain in the community – mainly the youth. With the right educational training once he completed university, Michael embarked on a journey that would lead to him becoming an MPP for the very area that moulded his upbringing – Don Valley East.

In 2003 he became a school board trustee for Don Valley East, where he had the opportunity to initiate projects that brought about the positive development needed in the area – namely the Community Use of Schools initiative. With this, upwards of 500 schools saw [Read more +]

by Christen N. James

Rohan Walters

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TweetRohan Walters, Architect Born: Kingston, Jamaica. A visionary whose desire for oneness spilled into his livelihood, Rohan Walters has spent his life breaking down stereotypes with an insurmountable drive. From his own upbringing to that of his children, he understands the need of the support of our community. He not only designs because of his […]

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by Christen N. James

George Sully

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TweetGeorge Sully, Designer/Publisher/Philanthropist  Born: Ottawa, ON When you want to talk about a “cool kat”, George Sully should definitely come to mind. His story to becoming the fashion mogul that he is today tells how one can come from humble beginnings and strive towards excellence. He is proof that it doesn’t matter where you come […]

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by Fiona Raye Clarke

John Cayonne In Memoriam

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TweetPHOTO CREDIT: Juanita Cayonne & John Cayonne John “Johnny” Cayonne – In Memoriam (1934-1998), Theatre Artist / First Executive Director for Caribana Born: La Brea, Trinidad Johnny Cayonne was born in La Brea, Trinidad on February 10, 1934 to a Venezuelan father and a Trinidadian mother and was the fifth child of nine. When he was […]

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by Mischa Jackson

Clement Virgo

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TweetClement Virgo is an award – winning filmmaker best known for an array of controversial and thought-provoking films like Save My Lost Nigga Soul, Rude, Lie to Me and Poor Boy’s Game. Jamaican born, Virgo and his family relocated to Canada in 1977, where he attended West Preparatory Public School in North Toronto. Soon after, […]

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by Christen N. James

Naila Keleta-Mae

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TweetNaila Keleta-Mae, Artist-Scholar Born: Mississauga, ON Naila. One name. This one name brings to mind so many talents: an artist, a poet, a storyteller, a scholar, an educator, an actor. One person that has made a pivotal career existing in between being an artist and a scholar – she is no more one than the other. […]

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by Christen N. James

Teriano Lesancha

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TweetTeriano Lesancha, Social Worker Born: Loodariak village, Kenya Follow your dreams. Never give up. It will all be worth it one day. These are a few of the mantras repeated by this spectacular young woman who has come a long way and still isn’t even halfway through her journey. Her mission is simple – educate […]

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